Friends of Friestyle, 1st place!

This weekend I competed in the local competition/event Friends of Friestyle. This was the 2nd edition of the event. Last year I was 2nd in the pro freestyle competition, so this year my goal was to ride top 3 again.

I took off on saturday morning, arrived at the event at about 11. The wind was not present, but the sun was out and I decided to pump all of my kites for show. After some time the wind picked up a little and I went out on a sup board with my 12m Kondor. Then a photographer of the Leeuwarder Courant (newspaper of the region) took some pictures with me on the beach, I tried to do a grab on my board while taking off from the beach. The wind started to increase slowly, and I went out a couple of times and it was possible to do tricks. This was enough for the organisation to start off the competition, in a xpression session heat of 20 minutes so everybody could do their tricks in the light wind. I was reasonably powered on my 12, and was able to perform all of my tricks including kiteloop combo’s like kiteloop hp and kiteloop 360 hp. After the heat the judges decided to rerun the heat for the top 4, I was one of them. This 2nd heat was only 7 minutes, so more like a real heat. Again I had a good heat, landing all my tricks again, only the wind dropped a bit so it was not possible to do kiteloop hp’s. I had a good feeling about my heat, and ater the heat ended I stayed on the water to do some freeriding with some friends. The wind picked up and I was real powered on my 12 and tried some kiteloop slimchance’s. I did not really land any (I sunk at the landing) but the pass was clean and of some it was real close to landing it. I did landed a nice late mobe and a back to late wrapped. I also tried a frontmobe pass but totally whiped out haha. At 20.00 we had a “barbeque” indoor, with some nice food and then a party. I slept in my campervan so I had a good rest, this morning I got up at 09.00 for breakfast. We waited the day out for wind, and did some FreeLining with a small trainerkite. Then Bas, Klaas, Jelle and I had a interview with the Leeuwarder Courant, wich will be puplished tomorrow. At 13.45 the organisation held the prizegiving, and it turned out I was in 1st place!

I am happy with my result and look forward to next years Friends of Friestyle!

Pro Men:
1. Tijn van Esch
2. Bas Koole
3. Jelle Hak

1. Lisette Blankestijn
2. Thamar Jurgens
3. Suzanne Kuiper

1. Steyn Muller
2. Jasper Schol
3. Joost Wagter

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