Campione Italy 2010

Last weekend I was in Italy to compete in the Open Italian championships. We arrived on friday, and after some time in the Advance office, I took the van to lake Garda. The event was small, but with a lot of riders. we had a nice sleep together with our alarm which could not be switched off hehe.

The next day the event started off at 8, so we were there to look to the skippersmeeting. I had a nice day and some good food, and then at 12 the thermal wind picked up. I had a short session to pick the right kite, and then the organisation asked Youri Zoon and me to give a demo in front of the beach. I did some tricks, and tried to ride with a lot of power. Unfortunately I crashed a backmobe on the ribs, and then a second one on the same place on the same ribs. This was a bit too much for me, so I dropped the kite and got out of the water. After some time on the beach I decided to check with the medical people if anything was broken, they decided to transport me to the hospital for Xrays.
Luckily, nothing was broken and I just have to wait for 1 week to ride again. The rest of the weekend we took it easy, spending some time in the office and in the mountains.

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