Euro Kite tour Sylt

Update 3
Unfortunately, the wind did not come. I hope there will be wind on the next tourstop!

Update 2
Still no wind here at Sylt, a lot of racing going on but just not enough wind to start the freestyle elimination. I have participated in a SUP-race, where I became 4th. Still good weather so thats not bad at all. Tomorrow we will start the skippersmeeting at 07.00, I think because Sunday looks to be completely without wind. Forecast for tomorrow looks very light, but we will see.

Live updates on the elimination ladder here!

Update 1
Yesterday I arrived at the semi-island of Sylt, Germany, after 6 hours driving and half an hour by train (with the van on it). The event looked good, with a nice and big riderslounge. We registered and then we had a drink on the parking and went to bed. This morning we had the grand opening ceremony, which was fun. So many Dutchies on this event! We waited the day out, but there was no wind at all. My ribs are still bruced from Italy, so I can use the rest time. We had a nice barbeque, and now we will go to the casino for a poker night, 10 riders against 10 beach visitors.

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