EKT Silvaplana, 5th place!

This weekend I participated in the 4th Euro Kite Tour event, on lake Silvaplana in Switzerland.
The spot is known for it’s beautiful surroundings, but low winds. The drive was very nice, I like driving in the mountains. When we arrived, the weather was not that good (if you compare it with the 30′ and sun down the mountain) with rain, but after an hour the rain disappeared and the temp was still ok.
We went out to ride the blasting river, which ran through the camping. It was freezing cold, but very cool to do.

The next day the event started off with nice sunny weather, and…. wind! We had to wait for it, but in the afternoon it kicked in, starting at 10 knots, increasing to about 18 knots. The competition started off in light wind, so some riders had difficulties to stay upwind. My heat started in the 1/8 finals, once again against Rowinski. I already met him in competition at the KBO, so I knew some of his tricks. I had a bad start, because I crashed my kite after the 3rd trick, but after some difficult relaunching off the rocks with help of Stefan Permien I got back on track and landed some switches and all regular tricks. I advanced into the 1/4 finals, unlucky against Rondina. I tried to ride my best, but it was not running really smooth, I tried a kiteloop slim to be more powered up but Rondina was riding super strong in all directions so I had no chance. Even though it was a short competition, I had fun and am happy with my 5th place. Rondina made it to #1 once again so no shame to lose :-)

Day 2 was mostly without wind, but after all riders were released the wind decided to kick in once again, giving all (not drunk soccer supporting) riders the oppurtunity to have a nice evening session. The wind even increased to above 20 knots, but with thunderstorms and gusts, so I went off to be safe.

Day 3 would be the day for racing, since there was no result so far in this tourstop. We decided to leave the event site and climb the mountain instead of waiting all day, there was not enough time to finish the double eliminations anyway. We had a super nice walk of 5 hours, but very heavy aswell. We made it to 2500m, where was still snow despite the high temperatures! We made nice photo’s and then walked down again, offroad shortcut offcourse hehe. We made it down safe, and just in time to be at the prizegiving ceremony! From the mountain peak we had seen the race kites on the lake, and it turned out there was a result, the Dutchies Rolf vd Vlught and Katja Roose made it to place 2 and 1! Congrats. Katja is now tour leader, and will be tour champion of 2010 because she is too far ahead at this moment!

We packed our stuff and got back in the car for the long and warm 1100km drive home, we arrived last night at 04.00 safe and tired. Next event will be the PKRA in St. Peter Ording, Germany in 2 weeks!

Results men:
1. Alberto Rondina
2. Mario Rodwald
3. Stefan Permien
4. Christophe Tack
5. Tijn van Esch
Victor Borsuk
Eric Volpe
Stefano Martinelli

1. Ania Grezlinska
2. Celine Collaud
3. Nicky Rudd
4. Kathrin Borgwardt

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