PKRA Germany 2010

I competed in the PKRA World Tour in Germany last month, but I forgot to write a report.

The St Peter Ording PKRA event is one of (or the) biggest kiteboarding events in the world, and lasts for 9 days. This insures the riders of windy conditions. This year too, we had good winds in the competition. I had to prequalify myself for the event, and had some trouble in the first heat. I was super overpowered on my 12 because the wind suddenly increased to 25 knots in my heat. I did not land any tricks, I just flew around a bit. I changed kites in the last minute, and did a mega loop on my 8 just outside the heat time.. So I did not make it, and I had to try again in the next heat, last chance. This heat went normal, I landed all of my tricks and won the heat with ease.

In the main event I met Brazilian Neto, who I beat in not a perfect heat. I butt-checked a switch lowmobe, I think this gave me the advantage. In the next round I met Alex Pastor, and I had a okay heat but he was better. He eventually won the event.
In the double elimination I met fellow Dutchmen Johnno Scholte, I beat him with better variety and power. In the next round I met Mario Rodwald, and I totally screwed up my heat. I only landed a NIS and a blind judge, and offcourse I was super pissed off with myself after the heat. Obviously I lost. Later that day we started the Board off/Big air competition, I took out my 8.5m Kaiman for extra airtime! I did some nice boardoffs, it was super much fun to ride for only big air boardoffs! I managed to win 1 round, but then I lost. I stayed on the water for a while, because it was so much fun to train boardoffs :-)

My final result in the Freestyle competition was 13th, which is the same position as last year. I hope my next event in Poland (EKT) goes better, I have been training a lot lately so I think it will.

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