6th place overall Euro Tour!

Yeah, finally some time to do an update!

The last tourstop of the Euro Kite Tour took place in Swinoujscie, Poland. The forecast looked really strong, but the direction was offshore. We started on the first day, but the wind was super gusty. I won my first heat with the most underpowered tricks ever, but my opponent crashed his kite and never did any tricks. The 2nd heat I was too underpowered on my 10, but landed a mobe, slim and railey to blind, I switched to 12 in the last minute and did a back to blind airpass. The decision was 2-1 against, too bad. In the double elimination I had my first heat against a polish rider, I won the heat with more variety and power, landing allmost all of my tricks including a real powered mobe5. The 2nd heat was a really good one for me, I landed a backmobe, 313, blind judge, switch railey to blind, slim, super powered kgb and crashed my front blind mobe. Even though I thought I won, the judges decided I did at least 4 tricks outside of the competition area and therefore I lost on a 3-0 decision. I was upset with this result, and tried to speak about this with the judges because I was sure these tricks where not outside the box. This did not matter, so I ended up 13th. My worst result in the tour, but still enough points left to take the 6th place in overall! I am super happy with this overall result, best Dutchy in the tour, and will participate in the tour next year again!

1. Alberto Rondina (IT)
2. Mario Rodwald (DE)
3. Stefan Permien (DE)
4. Christophe Tack (BE)
5. Viktor Borsuk (PL)
6. Tijn van Esch (NL)

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