3rd Place NK Kite and Brasil 2010!

Hey all, last weekend I participated in the Dutch Nationals, and made it up to the 3rd place in the single and double elimination. I will write a report on this shortly, now I just arrived in Cumbuco, Brasil! Had a good flight of 8 hours (Amsterdam-Fortaleza) and now I am super hungry so we will have some dinner first!

Report of the nationals:
This year we had to wait for the nationals untill the very last date, but the forecast looked promising. The temperature was kind of low, around 10 degrees, and there was a lot of rain.
We went to Scheveningen on friday to train for 1 day on the spot, and it went pretty well. Unfortunately the wind changed a bit for the weekend, so it was offshore on saturday.
Saturday we went to the inscription early, we were the first to register. It was super cold, and I was in heat 2. I pumped my 6, 8 and 10 Kondor3 because it was super gusty, and did not went out before the heat because I was so cold. I was able to ride my 8m the whole day, but it was raining from time to time and it was super cold. I had not the best heat, but it was enough to win. I did a railey to blind, backmobe, 313 and flat3. The next round was a little better, I did a backmobe, slim, kiteloop, blind judge and a flat3 and took the win. In the 3rd round I met my friend Eddy Lansink, and we had a terrible heat with dropping winds but I managed to stay in the area long enough to do some tricks and take the win. Then I was in the semi finals against Bas Koole, and had not a really good heat. Only to the left I managed to land a mobe, slim and 313, to the right I only had attempts but did not manage to land tricks because of the super gusts. Bas took the win, and I had to ride in the losers final for the 3rd place against Geert-Jan Telkamp, also a Workum local. I had a difficult heat because it was super choppy and gusty, and Geert-Jan lost crashed hist kite and lost his kite so it was easy for me to win the heat. Then I had to wait for the double elimination. In the final, Bas Koole met Jerrie vd Kop and just after the start Bas lost his kite because of a broken line. I took a 9m from the beach and brought it to him so he could finish the heat, but the judges did not count any tricks from the moment he lost the kite (this is in the rules). Jerrie took the win in the single elimination on saturday.

On sunday I was pretty stoked to ride, the weather was a bit better with onshore wind and some sun. I saw Johnno Scholte come back from the 2nd round all the way to my heat. I took out my 10m, and went out pretty powered but I had a really good heat landing a backmobe, blind judge both ways, slim, 313, back to blind airpass, straight pass and a L3 (kiteloop backloop pass). In the next heat I met Bas Koole again, we both had a bad heat because of the current and dropping wind. I changed to 12m halfway out the heat, and managed to land a kgb, slim, 313, railey to blind, backmobe but crashed my frontmobe. It took the judges 10 minutes to decide the winner, and unfortunately for me Bas took the win on a 3-2 decision because of better execution (style). I was a little bummed, but still happy with a 3rd place. In the finals Bas had another shot against Jerrie, and he totally ripped it up while Jerrie was not riding his usual strength. Bas won, so they had to ride once more to decide the event winner. On the 2nd heat, Bas started off easy and slow, doing oldschool tricks while Jerrie was doing passes, but halfway out the heat Bas was riding better and Jerrie was crashing a lot. In the last minute, Bas landed a super clean kiteloop slim, and it was clear he won this heat aswell.

In the ladies category, the top 3 was riding okay. Especially Jalou Langeree was ripping, landing a blind judge and sbend pass. This made her the easy winner of the event.
Results female:
1. Jalou Langeree
2. Lisa van Ginkel
3. Marije den Breems

Results male:
1. Bas Koole
2. Jerrie van der Kop
3. Tijn van Esch

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