PKRA France 2011

Hello, once more I write to you from the sunny (but sometimes also rainy) Leucate. We arrived on wednesday evening in our newly restored T3 van, which drove the 1600km with ease.
It has been a while since my last update, I was busy with restoring the van and school in the past few months. I will try to be more up to date when the season starts off (now).
The video of Brasil is still in the making, I hope to finish it  this week.

Okay, PKRA. Because of the new rules there is almost allways a trial round to get in the main event. in this case, there was space for 14 entrants. 10 heats of 3 where the best would place directly into the main event, then 8 heats of 3 where the best of the heat would advance to the next round where they have to win once more to get in the main event.
The wind was going up and down all day, so I had my 8,10 and 12 ready on the beach. When it was allmost my turn the wind dropped and the competition was posponed. After some riding on the lagoon (it was possible to ride there because there is no current) and lunch the wind picked up a bit and the organisation cleared the lagoon for the competition! I had to wait 1 heat, and then it was my turn. I was riding against Hurtado (VEN) and Wesch (GER) powered on my 12 in really gusty winds. I had a good opening with a lowmobe followed by a b2blind airpass. then I did a 313(crash), blind judge, powered slim chance, 313(crash), blind judge3(crash), 313, switch kgb(crash) and a frontmobe (crashed). a lot of tricks but also a lot of crashes. Luckily I managed to stay upwind during the heat and only dropped my kite once. I won the heat, so now I am in the main event. More news to come!

Update 1
We started off early today with a 8.30 skippersmeeting and 9.00 first heat. Unfortunately the wind was a bit too light, so the heats where finally posponed to 11.00. Then it started to become strong wind, and in my heat (heat 4) I was powered on 8m. My opponent was Hilario (DOM).

I started off well with a backmobe and 313 in the first tack. Then a railey to blind, slim chance and kiteloop. Then the wind dropped a lot and I had no power to do anything. I crashed a switch kgb. Then in the gusts I managed to do a kgb and switch railey to blind, but had not enough power to land my frontblind and frontmobe. I was not too unhappy with the heat, but the Domenican kicked my butt with a tricklist twice as long… So better luck tomorrow in the Doubles, now the event is cancelled because of heavy rain and thunder. I think we are halfway the singles now, did not pay too much attention because we tried to get our kites in the car before the rain hehe.

Update 2
Okay, the event is finished now. Yesterday we finished the singles and right after the double eliminations started. I was in heat 5, against Portas (ES). The wind was booming, so I only pumped my 6m. This was the right decision, because I was overpowered on it. When the heat started I went for a backmobe, but did not catch the bar in the gusty wind. Then I did a railey to blind, sbend and a powered blind judge. The rest of the heat I struggled to do tricks, the wind was way too gusty and strong. So then I decided to do a kiteloop, it turned into some kind of mega mega loop with delayed backroll on my wrong side, but I saved my ass on the landing with a small butt check. I think it was the biggest landed loop of the day, and it even lead to a Judges decision of 3-2 for Portas. I was surprised about this because he did way more tricks than me. Even though, I lost so I was out of the event.
Today I was up for the Best Trick co,p, in the 1st heat of the day. I went out on 6m again, but this was a bit too light for big air jumps unfortunately.. Cruz (DOM) took the win with more height, fully overpowered on a 9!! Insane boys, those Dominicans. So that was my first PKRA experience of the year, not a very good result but still I am happy to have made it into the event. Better luck next time, now we will leave to Italy for a couple of days kiting and then on to Podersdorf in Austria for the Team competition during the huge Surfing Worldcup overthere.

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