5th place EKT Italy

Here is my update about KTE Italy, it took me a while…

Short story:
The temperature in Italy was awesome, but the wind was a bit light. We enjoyed the riders lounge so much, the local organisation really did everything in their power to make us feel home. In my first couple of heats I did okay, but in the quarter finals I was up against Italian rider Martinelli who is riding really strong in light winds. I had a really good heat, landing about 14 handlepasses. But the heat got cancelled due to wind limits, and we had a rerun. This time I did good as well, but Martinelli was a little bit stronger and he won. I was disappointed about the decision, but that is the risk of judging sports. I ended up 5th place, still securing my 3rd place in the overall ranking!

Next competition is France next week, and I will publish a movie about the riders in the KTE soon!

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